7 Jul 2011


I went up to Harrogate yesterday, the capital of tea rooms, to check out the opening night of my cousin's comedy club 'The Sitting Room' which was really good and I think it will go far.  When we arrived in Harrogate, as a treat, my parents took me and my friend Katy to the famous cafe Bettys; a place I had heard of and always wanted to go but never previously had the chance so, as you can imagine, I was very excited.  I am a big fan of tea rooms and this one definitely lived up to my expectations; the building had a beautiful dark wooden interior with a cosy yet sophisticated feel to it and a nice view of the street; the coffee was extremely good and not over priced; the cakes were delicious, and the staff, as well as being really friendly were also rather nice to look at.

This is one of the cakes that we tried, it is a raspberry macaroon.  Macaroons are very much in fashion at the moment since they are so easy to adapt to have any colour or flavour you want and are very visually appealing, I don't tend to follow fashions and usually dismiss macaroons along with cupcakes because I think they're all about looks and not about flavour but this one really was delicious, with the freshest, juiciest raspberries imaginable.  Personally I chose a more classic strawberry tart to go with my coffee which was also delicious, though the picture I got was not as good as the one above.

As well as being a tea room, Bettys also has its own shop where you can buy speciality teas and coffees, cakes and all sorts of delicious things for, again, not too outrageous a price.  I bought myself some coffee in a very nice Bettys tin which I am very much looking forward to trying out.  I definitely recommend Bettys to anyone who is a fan of tea rooms like I am

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