1 Jul 2011

Le Bistro Pierre

Just had the most amazing night :)

I went out to Le Bistro Pierre in Leamington Spa for a nice end of university meal with a few friends.  It is such a good restaurant, the food is amazing and, though a few people cancelled because they thought the meals were too pricey, I thought it was a really good price for the quality of food that was served.  I had a herb-crusted, slow cooked shoulder of lamb and the first bite I took was like heaven in my mouth, I haven't had food that good in such a long time.

The restaurant was also amazing at catering for gluten freers; they have a whole separate menu for gluten free options which is amazing.  As a starter we got a baked camembert to share and it came with gluten free bread which is the nicest gluten free bread I have ever tasted, it was possibly even better than the normal bread they served.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for really good food at reasonable prices, especially if you do not eat gluten though, being a french bistro, it does not have that many vegetarian options, if that is the kind of thing you are into.

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