4 Jul 2011

Rum Truffles

My friend Claire has recently been telling me about all the different kinds of truffles she's been making and it made me want to do it myself.  I had some rum left over from some previous cocktail making and thought that making truffles out of it would be the best use for it (as well as the fiery mojitos which were made on the same day).

If you want to make some yourself you will need these ingredients:
400g good quality dark chocolate
200ml double cream
20g butter
2 tablespoons of white rum
Chocolate strands

Heat up the butter and cream to not quite boiling and then pour over the broken up chocolate.  When the chocolate is melted mix it all up with the rum then put the mixture in the fridge until it is set, which should be about an hour or more.  Then take it out and roll into little balls and roll in the chocolate strands.

I made these truffles with white rum but they could be just as easily made with any other kind of alcohol or even non-alcoholic flavourings.  Other things than chocolate strands could also be used such as cocoa powder or icing sugar, even hundreds and thousands if you want to add a bit of colour.  Add whatever you want really as long as you have the basic chocolate, butter and cream mixture.

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