4 Jul 2011

Sweet Potato and Salmon Fishcakes

These fishcakes are really delicious, provided you like salmon, sweet potato and fishcakes.  I made them with the help of my current kitchen assistant Mark and it was the first time we had ever tried to make them and they were actually a lot easier than we had thought they would be.

We used:
2 sweet potatoes
2 fresh salmon fillets
1 tablespoon curry paste (we used balti paste because it is what we had but they may work better with thai curry paste)
A handful of fresh coriander
5 pieces of white bread
Vegetable oil

Basically all you need to do is:

  1. Peel and chop the potatoes, boil them and mash them up with the curry paste.  
  2. Cook the salmon, flake it up and stir it gently into the potato mixture along with the chopped coriander.  
  3. Toast the bread, cut the crusts off and then blend them into breadcrumbs, add a third of them into the potato mixture.  
  4. Dampen your hands and form the potato mixture into balls and squash them, then coat them in the remaining breadcrumbs.  
  5. Then just fry each fishcake for about 4 minutes on each side.

These fishcakes are very easy to make, the hardest bit is shaping them at the end because they can be quite soft but you can pick them up quite easily with a fish slice from a flat surface.  The ones we made were not gluten free but, since the only gluten in them is in the breadcrumbs, they could easily be made so by using gluten free bread.

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